Details of the Suggested Issues

Details of the Suggested Issues


Cinema Economics

            * Investigating the effects of the Corona pandemic on The Iranian cinema in the post-Corona era

* Screening and cinema hall management in the coming years

* Economy of short and feature films: Screening, sales and distribution inside and outside the country

* Attracting the audience of Iranian films inside and outside the country; Present and future

* Development and attraction of investment in the Iranian cinema (domestic and foreign)

* The economy of the Iranian cinema in the 2010s (raising capital, infrastructure, home theater network, etc.)

* How to attract support for short film production (France, USA, India, Spain, UK and Finland)

* Capacities of the Iranian cinema in the value chain of computer games

Children, Adolescents and cinema

* Evaluation of age classification in Iranian and world cinema

* Investigating the strategies for the economic growth of children and young adults' cinema

* Strategies to strengthen screenwriting for children and young adults' cinema



The effects of technological developments on cinema

* A Comparative Study of the Impacts of Technology on the Cinema Ecosystem (USA, China, India, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, England, South Korea)

* Comparative studies of new streaming industry policies and online video systems (UGC Hosting،Cable VOD)

* Strategies for localizing visual and special effects in the Iranian film and animation industry

* Comparison of archiving systems, classification and operation in film archives and film storage centers (Paris, Australia, London and Munich archives)

* The bilateral impact of cinema and the social networks

* Strategies for the development of audio-visual educational technology in Iran

* Investigation and pathology of historical spaces and locations in Iranian films and series (with emphasis on the use of new technologies)



Cinema policy (content, copyright, budget, etc.)

* Analysis of selected films of Tehran Short Film Festival in the 2010's

* Cinematic taste of the Iranian people (cinema and home theater) in the 2010's

* Qualitative analysis (form, manpower, technology, etc.) of 2010's cinema productions

* The reasons of success / failure of different genres in cinema in Iran (budget, technology, sociological fields, etc.)

* Periodic survey of home theater movies and series

* Representation of ethnic groups and religious minorities in the Iranian cinema over the past four decades

* Social classes in the Iranian cinema after the Islamic Revolution (from the perspective of their audiences, inductive values, etc.)

* Representation of work culture / culture of "convenience" and "luck" in the Iranian cinema

* Evaluation and analysis of cinema budget in the system of budgeting and national credits

* The relation and ratio of the governmental and non-governmental cinema in Iran

* A review of the legislation and regulation of cinema in cyberspace and the identification of shortcomings

* The influence of film production people on the content and message of films over the time (focusing on writers, directors, producers, celebrities, investors, and distribution activists)

* Study and analysis of intellectual property rights of cinematic works with emphasis on technological developments such as deep fake and other dimensions of artificial intelligence, block-chain and cloud computing



Literature,  screenplay, and other arts related to cinema

* Screenplay and screenwriting in the Iranian cinema (importance and role, fallacies, solutions, etc.

* The issue of the hero in the Iranian cinema with a focus on the narrative course of cinematic works

* Strategies to promote the arts of painting, photography, music and graphics for the growth of the film industry

* Development of Holy Defense Cinema: Opportunities and Strategies

* Recent Approaches to Adaptation of Literary Works and How to Use them in the Iranian cinema (According to the world experience and rich Iranian literature)